Here you can find supplemental resources to Resilience, as well as John’s other book, Stillness Tools.

Resilience: How Japanese Pastors Can Thrive in Every Season.

A practical guide for pastors in Japan and Greater Asia to navigate every ministry season from initial call to leaving a legacy. The four seasons are departing, arriving, leading and finishing well. The book is rooted in the Japanese soil, utilizing interviews, surveys and stories of transition to assist pastors, church leaders and elder boards on their journey. It taps into some of the best literature in the fields of clergy care, spiritual formation and pastoral ministry. An in-depth study of the book of Nehemiah shows how these seasons happen in the life of a strategic leader.

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Appendix Part 1

Appendix Part 2

Transition Quotient Assessment Tool – Google Sheets

Appendix Part 3

Appendix Part 4

Retirement Budget Worksheet – Google Sheets

Stillness Tools

A simple toolkit for those responding to disasters.  It contains 20 devotionals from ground zero of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. It has practical tools for self-care.  It is available in print form in Japanese for 500 yen and in digital form for free. 

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